Psychologist, bullying and mental health


“Lo spazio della lezione, diviene un “contenitore” (Bion, 1962)

per un apprendimento che non si esaurisce in un mero nozionismo

ma abbraccia la realtà e la vita di ognuno”

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My name is Luca Bianchi, I have a degree Psychology of the mental development and I am family psychotherapist.
My intervention as a school psychologist is to facilitate efficiency in achieving the educational goals of children, promoting well-being in the school context.

In this frame the most suitable and widespread methodology is the socio-affective education, aimed at strengthening and developing personal resources and acquiring social skills (Francescato and Putton 1995).

The functions of the school psychologist are:

  • Promote the psycho-physical well-being of students and teachers;
  • Promote students’ motivation to study and self-confidence;
  • Build a quality moment and prevent mental discomfort and early school leaving;
  • Promote the orientation process;
  • Encourage cooperation between school and families;
  • Create an opportunity to achieve equal educational opportunities.

The interventions proposed in the field of school psychology are:

  • Psychological listening desk with individual interviews for children (listening desk), teachers (listening desk), and families. The listening desk is a space where different persons can express their experiences in total freedom; it is a space in which the counseling interview is proposed, that is a type of psychological intervention of short duration dedicated to people who do not have serious psychopathology situations.
  • Individual and class observation, to gain greater awareness of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of teachers and students and of the close interaction between the former and the latter.
  • Establish the best methodologies and study choices in the school career.

Le convinzioni delle persone riguardo alle loro abilità hanno un grande effetto su quelle abilità.

(Albert Bandura)



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